I help creatives define their brand strategy and navigate the world of business.

When we work together, I am your sounding board and your business partner. I will help you think and formulate your brand strategy, understand your target market and help you develop a solid marketing plan.

I am behind you every step of the way. I support your efforts and celebrate your successes. I exchange ideas with you and help you organize and prioritize so that you can focus your time and energy on what you are truly passionate about.



the services


One Time Consultation

Ideal for those looking to expand and idea or gain understanding on how things work in a specific area of business. 

Business Partner

For those looking to have ongoing support over a specific period of time. This is great to get a project off the ground with support.  

Brand Photography

For those individuals and businesses looking to show their brand, products and services, through high quality photography. 


"Alessandra is an artist at her core but has the savvy mind of a business leader".  

"She got me and the brand I wanted to convey in a very short amount of time.  She not only created the proper tools for me but taught me how to use them so that I could powerfully continue on my own.  She’s the best investment in my business I have made to date.” 

- M.W. Casablanca Floral


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