#1 / the creative entrepreneur

In a world where we often find ourselves surrounded by big corporate brands and chain stores, franchises and products that look the same,  I thank the creatives and small businesses for their presence, their tenacity and their uniqueness. 

The bread maker in your neighborhood, the pottery maker who takes the leap and starts selling her work, the florist who offers unique arrangements. The minimalist jewelry maker, the perfume maker, the graphic designer who launches a line of wallpaper

What all of these people have in common is their desire to create, their conviction and hard work. These creatives focus on an art form that they have cultivated or learned and from where they interact with the world , usually offering us all a different perspective and a different take on things.

     “Their goal is not consumerism or to see their product in every store but to bring a sense of satisfaction and joy to those who interact with their creations.”

Most of them are not looking for world or market domination, they are looking to be able to provide a more beautiful, more functional or more interesting product or service to the market and to their community. They usually want to source it responsibly, enjoy the process of creating and make a living.

What I love about true creative entrepreneurs is their desire to always be creating, but not to necessarily create more waste. Their goal is not consumerism or to see their product in every store but to bring a sense of satisfaction and joy to those who interact with their creations. 

These individuals are changing the physical and digital landscape, reclaiming them from big corporations. They have the support of society, because people have started to notice that good products and services come from people who are passionate about their art; think of Eileen Fisher and Yvon Chouinard from Patagonia but also the multi-disciplinary artist, the illustrators making cards and murals, the letterpress artist; all of them work hard to bring their art to us and they do it following their instinct and their passion. 

My line of work today means that I am surrounded by creatives who have ideals and who believe in different ways of doing this. I admire them and want to see them grow and achieve their goals. I also want to be able to contribute to the development and creation of smaller and meaningful enterprises because it makes our life and our world richer and more interesting.  

Are you a creative entrepreneur? Have you decided to go with your art and your passion to create a product or services that satisfy a need in a different way? If you are, or if you are thinking of doing that, thank you for the work you do.  I will be posting here once a month highlighting the work you do and sharing ideas and tips that may help you along the way.  


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